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Highland Council is the focus of the seventh infographic in the Company Cnnecting is the 2019-2020 series. You can check out the rest of our Scottish Council region maps here.

This infographic features 90 IT/Tech companies based in the Highland Council area. the Highlands has a strong SME industry with over 29% of it's IT companies working in this sector. Healthcare and digital health are also key for the Highland area

Image of Eilean Donan castle accompany the infogrpahic Highland Tech 2019-2020 Infographic || Company Connecting

In the previous infographics in the 2019-2020 series we provided insights into tech companies across Scotland, and focused on tech in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee and Aberdeen (you can click out here - for more infographics). This week we start to look at what is happening in various industry sectors. The first of the sector infographics provides insights to the Scottish Oil and Gas industry.

Photo of an oil platform accompanything the article Oil and Gas Tech 2019-2020 Infographic || Company Connecting

The Fifth in our new infographic series (you can check out the others here) covers all of Dundee city. This infographic features 89 IT/Tech companies based in the Dundee City council area. 

21% of the IT companies work within the games sector and many of the other companies  have games related skills such as 3D art, animation and virtual reality.

Dundee skills word cloud accompnaying the Company Connecting infographic onn tech companies in Dundee

Angus Addlesee in a nutshell about his personal life and IT career.

Our first nutshell of the year features Angus Addlesee of Wallscope. He is working in an interesting area, and combines innovative thinking with finding method of applying technology to help others.

Angus doing a talk

The Fourth in our new infographic series (you can check out the others here) covers all of Aberdeen city.

This infographic features 203 IT/Tech companies based in the Aberdeen city.. Aberdeen has a huge proportion of it's IT companies working in the Oil & Gas sector (53%), along with related sectors such as Engineering, Energy and Marine.

Aberdeen skills word cloud

Edinburgh city is the focus of our 2019-2020 new infographic. (Previous infographics Infographic One: 2,656 tech companies in Scotland and Infographic Two: Review of 624 Glasgow tech companies)

This infographic features 645 IT/Tech companies based in the Edinburgh city. Edinburgh has a strong financial services industry with over 12% of it's IT companies working in this sector. 

Edinburgh IT by Sectors

The second in our new infographic series (you can check out the first one here) covers all of Glasgow city. This infographic features 624 IT/Tech companies all based in the Glasgow city area. 

A word cloud showing the top skills of Glasgow City

Starting off our new infographic series is a map and information on Scottish tech. We have decided to make this new series as we recently updated all of our data on Scottish technology.

Word cloud fo skills accompany the article Scottish Tech 2019 Infographic

We continue our 2019 infographic series on tech companies with a look at 485 tech companies that have skills in security / infosec.

Company Connecting has details of 4,700 tech companies on its database of which 3,000 are in Scotland. So about 10% of the tech companies have some cyber security /infosec skills.

Cyber Security Graph of companies accompanying the article 2019 Cyber Security Companies infographic

We continue our "In a Nutshell" with Alexandra Nima of The Sophisticated Geek. She covers some of her background and how she got into IT.

image of Alexandra Nima of The Sophisticated Geek