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We Specialise in Augmented and Virtual Reality Solutions

We are an innovative and agile software development house specialising in augmented and virtual reality solutions. We are perfectly placed to help start ups because we have been through the start up...

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Looking for an Internship?

Students who are looking for a technology internship can post FREE on Company Connecting. Contact us for a voucher so you can post details of the internship you would like in the Company Connecting...

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Aberdeen TEC 21st September Meeting - What's Plan B?

Most have been affected by today’s O&G downturn. It’s not going away soon, so what’s Plan B? At its core the TEC is here to serve the Entrepreneurs in the group and one of the areas that...

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Digital Offshore Playspace event

The organisers of the Digital Offshore Playspace event have 5 remaining demo slots for any smaller Scottish SME with a data analytics / digital technology offering, feel free to share amongst your...

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NDAs: Heaven or Hell

NDAs: Heaven or Hell? Most of us working in the business to business space will have come across confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements. They are a necessity to protect your intellectual...

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Can you offer part-time or full-time job/internship for creative developer.

Can you offer part-time or full-time job/internship for a creative developer in Aberdeen? I have a Masters degree in Information Systems Engineering from Kaunas University Of Technology. I have...

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