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Want to know about tech companies?

Company Connecting has a database of over 5,000 tech companies. Just over half of these are in Scotland and the remainder are In England, Wales, Ireland, Estonia and several other countries.

Company Connecting has developed a data collection and classification method which enables us to carry out research for clients, provide insights and ‘match’ companies at a granular level.

Company Connecting continues its research into technology companies and our database is updated regularly. Please contact us to get your company added so that the company details can appear in searches for potential suppliers, partners etc.

Some examples of our services are provided below. We continue to expand our services and insights and are working on an Innovation index .


Research and Consolidate

We have developed methods to research and categorise technology companies. Information on Technology companies is available in many diverse sources and forms, however it is difficult to search and understand.

Our methods enable us to identify companies, apply categories which provide the capability to describe and classify, and consolidate the information into one place. We can repeat these techniques for different geographies and technology sectors.

For example, one of our clients had an excel list of companies. The Excel list was managed by one person, the categories were inconsistent, the information was incomplete, it was almost impossible to search, and it was not kept up to date. We already had most of the data in our own database. we ‘cleaned’ up the clients data, merged it with our own data, and provided it in a format that was searchable and maintainable. We can provide a similar service for data which is new to Company Connecting, and if needed provide a client specific user interface.

One of our other clients had wanted to find a potential partner. The requirement was very specific, in fact too specific as only a handful of companies existed as a match. Our client then had a rethink about what they were trying to do.
It’s just as important to know what is not there, as knowing what is there.

Connect and Collaborate

Company Connecting has an extensive network of people and companies. Over the years we have made connections for many different reasons. We are frequently asked to use our network to find people that can work in specific projects and technologies. Let’s be clear we are not an agency – this is more an informal way to help ‘meeting of minds’ generally with great results.

We also help with creating short lists for requests for proposals and help or manage the whole process of finding the right company to do the job.

Collaboration can be a bit of a buzz word – potentially over used. We frequently put people and companies in touch with one another where we thing they could work together or even just find an interest in what each other is doing. One of the first Company Connecting series was Come on IT Companies – Let’s be Disruptive’ – which covered things like competing companies working together. It is still applicable five years later.

So if you need some help with finding people or companies, even if you are not sure what you need – contact us. The first step is having a chat.


We have extensive information on tech companies, categorised in a way to provide insights. Let’s be clear this is about research, categorising, and visualising data to create usable information. Most important of all is keeping the data up to date. We have reviewed spreadsheets and other sources of data from clients and other sources, and none of them were able to manage and keep the data current.

We have been collecting and managing information on tech companies for six years. Currently much of our data (about 2,700 companies) is focused on Scotland, but we also have details of a further 2,300+ companies in North of England, Cambridgeshire, other areas of the UK, Estonia, and elsewhere.

We provide insights on our site via our infographics. We provide more in depth information to clients. For example we can answer questions like how many companies working in Artificial Intelligence are there in Scotland – where are they, how big, how old etc.

We are able to provide direct access to the data to clients via a user interface tailored other clients requirements.

We can extend our managing of information on tech companies into further geographical regions and sectors (e.g. space, green tech etc.), and want to work with other organisations to create a comprehensive database and network of companies in the UK and elsewhere.

Blog – hundreds of articles

We publish detailed information and infographics on the tech landscape i.e. geography, skills sectors, size and age of company. These attract significant interest and provide a sample of the research carried out by Company Connecting.

There are people stories e.g. a showcase for student and graduates, ‘Nutshells’ a quick look at people who work or are associated with technology.

Business articles focus on helping companies with the Values Proposition, training, R& D Tax Credits and many other areas.

“Technical subject” articles provide information on technology e.g. Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence, Testing.

We also have several series e.g. Startups, Making a Difference, Women in Technology.

If you are interested in writing an article or having a regular slot, please get in touch.

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If you are looking for tech companies to work with and you have a clear understanding of your needs – then we can help. Currently this service is limited to Scotland.

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