2018 Map of the UK IT and Telecoms companies on the Company Connecting database

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By Janice


The 2018 IT Companies Infographic of skills, sectors, size and location

Company Connecting has details of 4,400 IT and telecoms companies, 2,700 of which are in Scotland. The remainder are spread across the UK, with pockets in Cambridgeshire and the North East of England. We also have companies in other countries – the main hotspot is Estonia.

We research all the companies we add to the database and carry out an annual review. Companies can register with us and update their own company information. This increases the likelihood that we will be able to match companies with partners, resellers, customers and other organisations interested in technology. You can register by clicking the button below.

The map is complemented by the information in the Infographic of all the companies on the Company Connecting database. It is organised by abbreviated post codes. Company Connecting will continue to update the map with further information. It is interactive, so hover over the area to see details of the number of companies. Click on the button below to view the related infographic whihc contains information on skills, sectors, location and size of companies.For more information contact us on support@companyconnecting.com
Related Infographic

Company Connecting map of IT and Telecom Companies

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"Map of the UK IT and Telecoms companies on the Company Connecting database" First published on Company Connecting January 2018
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