Student Part-Time Placement

I am currently in my first year at the Robert Gordon University studying towards an BSc (Hons) degree in Computing with Graphics and Animation. However, I believe it would be beneficial to gain more practical work experience in addition to my academic studies. I have an enthusiasm for environments in which I can develop my skills further and gain new ones. I also have a passion for ensuring each goal is met in a way which satisfies every party involved, evident by group projects so far at university.

Apart from group projects such as website building, my modules at university so far have included:

  • Collaborative and Professional Skills in Computing (group work, graphic creation)
  • Software Design and Development (working in Java and JavaScript, previous experience in language like Visual Basic from school)
  • Computing Information Systems (Arduino)

I would also be available full-time out with term time. If you have any placements available to offer, please email me so I can send my full CV. 

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