The Power Within Coaching "ACCELERATE: Self-Leadership Development Workshops"

Accelerate: Self-Development 1-Day Workshop (Sales and Leadership Development)

It’s a 7-step process that will take you through a journey of self-awareness, self-belief, and self-development of understanding your barriers and self-limiting obstacles in life. It will guide you through the process of not only overcoming these barriers and obstacles but eliminating them from your life once and for all.

Would you like to learn how Accelerate your Personal and Professional Growth and have it fully funded at the same time? Imagine finally being able to develop a Growth Mindset that will Unlock the Unlimited Potential you know is within you. To be able to go through your life with a new sense of Meaning, Passion &; Purpose, knowing that you can finally achieve anything you want in life with unstoppable Drive and Determination.

Are you looking to take your Personal and Professional Development to the NEXT level and gain real insight to your success and catapult your career? Then make signing up for my ‘Accelerate’ Self-Development workshop the most important thing you do today.

Accelerate program has been designed from the ground up to inspire, guide and develop YOU to achieve measurable success and create an impact in everything YOU do. This course is designed to assist those currently employed, and those looking to progress into a management role, it will also assist those looking to secure employment.

It will help participants develop a growth mindset and both time and self-management skills required to not only develop their own roles, but also the roles of their peers and direct reports.

Participants will leave the session with the tools and techniques to progress their careers with a new sense of understanding and action planning required to drive the business, professional or personal life to the next level of growth. Expectations, Impact, and Outcomes:

  • Become empowered, Inspired, Focused and Awakened with an understanding &; acceptance of who you.
  • Focused on Your Personal and Professional life, with a sense of clarity, passion &; purpose. • Leave with a clear plan, a set of goals and actions to drive your life forward in a way you never knew possible.
  • Develop a clear understanding of how to take back control of your success, your thoughts, and your actions.  
  • Truly understanding how your negative Thought process, Beliefs, and Self-Talk have been stopping you from achieving success in your life.
  • Learn how to shift your mindset from negative to positive and maintain this in your everyday life.
  • Build your self-esteem, confidence and create a structure that can be implemented every day to ensure a happy, healthy goal driven future.  

It’s the difference that makes the difference! Are you ready to permanently transformer your life, mindset, and self-motivation to that of a life of unlimited potential with no REGRETS? Well, you’re just one step away… Book your seats now for this world-class transformational journey. Topics Covered at this workshop:

  • Limiting beliefs and how they were created and how to clear them
  • Consistently breakthrough performance barriers (Mindset Performance)
  • Enable you to develop and understand the strengths and weaknesses (Potential)
  • WHY, WHAT, HOW “Know your WHY"
  • Self-Motivate underperformance to create a high-performing habit process
  • Conscious &; Sub Conscious mind “The Power of Mindset”
  • Develop a new sense of, self-belief and confidence in your personal &; professional Life.
  • Time Management or “Your Peak Performer” as we like to call it.
  • Goals Setting defining and planning “Real Goals with Real Results"

For every seat booked will result in 20 days of special education for underprivileged children in India through Buy1, Give1 (B1G1) organization.

Option1 (Funded)

Fully funded if you're employed &; earn less than £22K a year,

 Self-Employed and earn less than £22K a year,

 Business owner and take less than £22K a year salary from your business

Unemployed &; seeking employment.

Option 2 (Paid ticket)

This option for business owners or employees who earn over the £22K funding option, the ticket price is £199 including VAT.

The Accelerate workshop can also be run as a stand-alone option for SME businesses or Corporate business and can be adapted and modified to suit your business needs and requirements specifically.

** Lunch &; refreshments are also provided during the workshop on both options.

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"To inspire, guide and develop professionals to achieve success and create an impact in everything they do. So that they can go through life with a new sense of Meaning, Passion and Purpose of not just living life, but loving life."



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