MIME Technologies

MIME stands for Managing Information in Medical Emergencies. They aim to develop advanced, innovative software to support the first person on-scene at emergencies.

“We focus our solutions on first responders with basic training, who are relied upon the world over to come to people's aid. Just think about community members volunteering to provide immediate care in remote and rural Scotland, or the Red Cross providing first aid support at concerts and sports events. The market is extremely large. The problem we identified is that first responders don't always record the level of data needed for legal audit and clinical governance. They have a really tough job, and we want to give them all the support they need to deliver best possible care” – Dr Alasdair Mort of MIME Technologies.

The value of this tech is clear to see. To find out more read the article on the ‘Updates’ section of our site or go to https://mimetechnologies.com/

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