Klik2learn, a UK start-up begins anti-poverty journey with crowdfunding bid

Mobile phones can bring literacy and numeracy to millions in developing countries

Klik2learn, a Glasgow based start-up is pioneering technology that, it claims, can help to fight poverty in developing countries by allowing millions of people to learn to read and write in English using their mobile phones.

Klik2learn is launching a pilot project to deliver the course to several hundred learners in remote parts of Uganda, rural and urban communities in India and refugee communities in Scotland over a six month period. Thereafter it plans to roll-out the programme across India and Africa.

The app is being developed in consultation with a range of partners including UNESCO with content provided by City College in Glasgow. The World Literacy Foundation has pledged to provide low-cost, solar-powered tablets to people without smartphones or tablets of their own.

The project is the brainchild of Ann Attridge, a former schoolteacher from the Isle of Skye, who developed Journey 2 English, a ground-breaking digital English language qualification available through smartphones, which is being used by refugees from Syria and Iraq in the UK.

The app uses similar technology that combines games with a wide variety of interactive activities, a digital notebook, in which students and tutors can communicate, a voice recorder so that they can share audio files and a discussion forum on which they can practice their language skills.

It helps non-native speakers learn English within three months and, by passing a final test, they can gain a qualification, equivalent to a National 4, validated by the Scottish Qualifications Authority.

The rewards-based crowdfunding campaign offers investors a range of options. Contributions start at £10 up to £2,000 or more.

Details of the crowdfunding campaign are available at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1816904308/journey-2-basic-skills




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