GDPR and the Cloud, 4th Annual ScotCloud Conference, 20th June at Dynamic Earth

GDPR has fast become a critical consideration for IT personnel. But one of the most problematic areas has been a glaring omission from most of the go-to advice:  How will GDPR apply to Cloud service agreements?

Data compliance obligations have always been more complicated when it came to Cloud based services, but with GDPR on the horizon, the penalties of falling foul of data protection legislation have become much more severe. With traditional on-premise infrastructure, it was comparably easy to navigate which data regulations applied to your organisation. But with Cloud services often spanning multiple geographies and regulatory regions, this issue has become far more difficult.

This is exacerbated by the sheer variety of Cloud services being used: there has been a marked rise in the number of applications, from core business apps like Salesforce and Office 365 to the spike in collaborative tools like Slack, Ryver and Mattermost. A recent report by Netskope found that the average Enterprise has a staggering 903 Cloud services in use. This is causing a big headache for IT and InfoSec personnel in trying to keep track, particularly when many of the applications are being used off the radar, without the knowledge or consent of IT.

The legal impact of GDPR on Cloud will be a core area of discussion at next month’s ScotCloud conference, held in Edinburgh on 20th June. Prof Lilian Edwards, Professor of Internet Law and E-Governance at the University of Strathclyde will speak about this important topic, exploring the key legal issues associated with Cloud and what impact the GDPR will have. Data protection obligations, responsibility, data exports, access, and new security obligations will also be discussed.

ScotCloud 2017

ScotCloud is Scotland’s national Cloud technology conference: it will bring senior technologists together to discuss the business impact of Cloud, providing an invaluable forum for knowledge exchange, discussion and cross-pollination. The programme will contextualise the evolution of Cloud technology, with presentations spanning trends, regulations, research, solutions, challenges and practical use cases.

The conference is organised by DIGIT with support from ScotlandIS and will be free for IT Leaders to attend. 

Speakers Include:

  • Alastair Dutton, Head of Technology, SCVO
  • Chris Swan, CTO and Cloud Commentator
  • Mark Evans, Head of IT, RLB
  • Sue Daley, Head of Cloud, Data, Analytics & AI, TechUK
  • James Kwaan, Research Director, ISACA
  • Lilian Edwards, Professor of E-Governance, The University of Strathclyde
  • Mark Stephen, Journalist & Broadcaster, BBC Scotland

The conference is free to attend for IT Leaders.

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