Exploring Public Open Data Edinburgh 30th and 31st May2019

Date and time:         Thursday 30 May and Friday 31 May 2019, 10am-4pm

Location:                  Room LT5, Edinburgh University Business School, 29 Buccleuch Place, Edinburgh EH8 9JS

Wallscope would like to invite you to join a two-day event exploring the uses and applications of publicly-available open data. The event is co-designed by the Information Services Division (ISD) of NHS Scotland and Wallscope, and will include a combination of practical work and talks from industry practitioners.

The event will have two main strands:

  1. Health and Social Care Data Challenge
  2. Workshops: Exploring uses, applications, issues and benefits of public open data across society

Both strands of this event are part of wider learning and knowledge sharing activities. They will have the benefit of input from staff and researchers at ISD; Wallscope’s technology team; Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences; and Edinburgh University Business School and others.

If you would like to participate please email emma.findlow@wallscope.co.uk and you will be sent further details including an event schedule.

Who should attend?

Anyone who has a practical interest in the effective use of data from a range of perspectives. The event provides insights, guidance and access to real data sets published by NHS Scotland.


Health and Social Care Data Challenge

How can the NHS clearly communicate messages using data to their diverse group of customers so that we can help improve the health of Scotland? Led by Wallscope

For this challenge you will be given access to open data sets from the Information Services Division (ISD) of NHS Scotland.

Effective and engaging use of ISD’s open data platform can bring many advantages for a range of users. This also has the potential to reduce the demands on ISD as it creates a 'self-service' model.

Your challenge is to improve the use of this data and increase engagement through a user-centred approach to design and analytics. This will focus on identifying a use case and developing and testing interfaces that meet the needs of the user types identified by ISD (further information on these will be provided).


Led by Ken Nicholson, Principal Information Analyst, ISD

We will be exploring this data challenge in a series of four workshops, using NHS data and other organisations as examples:

1.Why is data important?

2.Who uses data?

3.How is data used?

4.What’s the benefit of using data?

If you would like to more information please email emma.findlow@wallscope.co.uk and you will be sent further details including an event schedule.




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