Edinburgh student with tech experience seeks part time marketing support role

As an economics and finance student at the University of Edinburgh, I have developed a profound understanding of the wide range of financial concepts. I demonstrated the ability to perform accurate valuations and precise risk assessments as well as value propositions and forecasts. I have worked with various data bases to gather, visualize, interpreted and present data both in-house and to clients. 

I coordinated a team of freelance coders to deliver versatile websites for clients from various industries. Many of those had little or no technical knowledge. My background allowed me to overcome the knowledge gap easily and act as an intermediary between the technical and financial teams.

Most importantly, in every role, and in every environment I found myself in, I demonstrated the ability to adapt quickly and overcome any initial obstacles. This has been enabled by picking up new skills and learning incredibly quickly. I am eager to broaden my competencies and look forward to a challenging new position. 

As I continue with my studies coming September I am looking for part-time employment in Edinburgh. If you or someone you know is looking to add an enthusiastic, dedicated member to their team please do not hesitate to get in touch. For a summary of relevant experiences, I am happy to provide my CV.

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