Do you have a part time IT helpdesk job?

Throughout my career, I have used my skills in the third sector to provide support functions. I have broadened these skills to transition into IT. Initially a personal interest propelled me towards this area, but I have followed this up with further study at the Open University.

I am now looking to move into IT as I enjoy using my practical skills to problem solve technical and computing issues. I am currently the “go to person” within my current job and when there is an issue with IT because I can explain why they have had the issue and how to ensure they don’t have it again.

I personally run one to one sessions with staff and produce illustrated handouts to back up any help. This allows me to explain the IT services the company offers such as one drive, calendars and the service drives. I feel that the insight of working with non-technical users allows me to bridge the gap between those who just want things to work and those whose role is solely IT.

I am hoping to move into a career in the IT sector. If you feel that I could be a fit for your company or are interested in helping an enthusiastic hard working graduate please get in touch where I would be happy to provide my CV and contact details.

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