#CyberFest 2019 - North East England's Biggest Cyber Festival

#CyberFest is back!

2018 saw the inaugural North East England cyber festival, with six events across the region, forty speakers and five hundred delegates. The aim was to raise awareness of the North east as a place to address cyber resilience; to get people engaged in the Dynamo North East cluster while educating and informing of the threats and opportunities from cyber security.

#CyberFest 2019 is going to be bigger and better, with eleven events so far, covering different target audiences. It is a unique opportunity to celebrate the breadth and depth of this important and growing sector, from Alnwick in the north to Middlesbrough in the south and from well established businesses to those at the very start of their journey.

From 9 to 26 September there will be something for everyone, whether you provide cybersecurity services, are thinking about expanding your business into this area or are interested in staying safe online.

All tickets are free and are available here: http://www.dynamonortheast.co.uk/cyberfest-september-2019/

If you are down this way I hope to see you there.



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