Could Contracting a Talented Sales Professional Be The Answer To Driving Growth For Your Company?

Driving sales growth is a key priority for any IT business, but it doesn’t always get the level of focus and effort required - particularly in the area of winning new business.  

For IT companies, especially smaller businesses and those operating in challenging markets, you may need to strengthen your sales capability, but find that you simply cannot justify the outlay of hiring the requisite skills and experience on a full time, permanent basis.

Adding to your challenge is the fact that only around 10% of sales people are genuine ‘A Players’ - the top performers defined by their ability to consistently outperform peers, exceed targets and win new business in extremely challenging and competitive markets.

With these factors in mind Kingman Lennox has launched a Contract Sales Service which offers businesses access to these top-performers on a part-time or project basis. This can offer a number of advantages:

  • an absolute focus on winning new business
  • access to skills and experience that might not otherwise be affordable
  • the ability to ramp up and be effective quickly
  • the ability to grow or shrink the service as required
  • no costly recruitment fees
  • avoid unproductive time
  • access sales best practices

We take the risk out of contracting in the right individual. As specialists in identifying, assessing and recruiting high calibre sales professionals we know what we are looking for and are proven in our ability to identify not just top-performers, but also the right individual who is going to be a great fit for your business.

We have a significant network of sales professionals with experience in IT and software sales and we can work with you to help you define your precise needs and match these with one of our contract sales professionals.

If you'd like to discuss how the service could work for your business please contact  us on 0845 388 7795 or email

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