Can you help with Social Media and Facebook a few hours per month?

Patient Action Scotland (PACT) was formed in April 2013 as a result of direct experience of patient care at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary by its members or relatives. It is chaired by former Sheriff Douglas Cusine and membership includes consultants, doctors, and lay professionals. PACT exists to promote improved healthcare practice in Grampian with a focus on compassion.

The team needs help with Social Media to raise awareness of PACT, and to provide a place where patients can tell their stories (good and bad) to be classified and shared at meetings with NHS Grampian. We have already set up a simple website which we will develop further over time. In the short term we want to build an online community via Facebook where patients can tell their stories and others can share or comment.

Our Facebook page is and we need help with launching it properly, raise our following, and get the public to post on our site.

We are looking for a volunteer (or number of volunteers) willing to help us for a few hours a month. So if you have experieince with social media or know someone who may be interested in helping us please get in touch.

Thank you.

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