Can North East Scotland raise and support a coder community?

Earlier this year Company Connecting completed a project for Aberdeen City Council to look at the Digital Skills of North East Scotland (NES) and assess whether there was a market from employers to establish a coding boot camp in Aberdeen to help people upskill and/or convert from other professions. We surveyed 200 IT companies in NES and were very pleased to get a near 40% return rate.

The results dispelled certain conventional wisdom – most noticeably that NES doesn’t really have any coders or programmers of its own already. Our survey respondents showed that 35% of them already employed programmers/coders using languages as diverse as Java to Visual Basic and working in platforms such as Ruby on Rails and some of them with teams in excess of 10.

The respondents also showed that in spite of the oil price driven down turn in the local economy, there are still companies looking for coders and programmers. Interestingly, they all cited attributes beyond coding skills that would make people with prior work experience and the interpersonal touch an attractive commodity to fill gaps.

What was really heartening was that a third of our respondents wanted to know more about coding boot camps.

To meet that need we are setting up a couple of events on 27th April in Aberdeen.

  • the first is for employers to meet with the team from CodeClan to understand what a boot camp graduate can offer them (contact me if your company would be interested in attending);
  • the second will be for people interested in being students on such a course to come and find out what is involved.

We have set up an EventBrite page for the second event so that we can get a handle on numbers - hope to see you there:

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