2nd Year Computer Science Student Looking for Internship/Placement

I am currently in my 2nd year of Computer Science at the Robert Gordon University and looking for a placement this coming academic year for either both or a single semester. 

I am mainly interested in software development, but also have interests in database development and management. However, I am always searching for ways in which I can develop new skills and strengthen those I already have.

My ongoing modules include:

  • Advanced Software Design and Development (Java)
  • Dynamic Web Development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, JSON, NODE, MongoDB)
  • Real World Project and Professional Skills

And past modules include:

  • Database Systems (SQL Server, Neo4J)
  • Interactive 2D Scripting (Action/JavaScript)
  • Problem Solving and Modelling in Computing (UML, Maths)

During my studies, alongside proficiency at intermediate Java coding, I have developed a fine-eye for details and am always striving to present neat and efficient code.

Aside from my university studies, I work part-time as part of HFI Consulting International as a Business Systems Assistant & Webmaster. Within HFI, alongside heading the company database, I regularly upload new and update existing content to the company website, offering me client-side experience as well as development skills. In addition to this, I have also headed small business system projects such as the creation and standardisation of project roadmap documents for clients.

My preferred location is within Aberdeen or a similar area within the North East of Scotland. However, I am not completely confined to this perferenced. My LinkedIn profile is available here and my full CV can be provided upon request.

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