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FOCUS: Businesses seeking to enter into collaborative arrangements need to embrace contract and negotiation approaches which support achieving the benefits of co-operative working.

Organisations have a desire to harness new technologies to create innovative products and solutions, in response to digital disruption and other market challenges. Collaboration is increasingly being viewed as a means for businesses to achieve this.

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Lyndsey Jenkins is a PhD student at Edinburgh Napier University whose research explores whether and how workplace learning can be used to enhance individual innovation capability. Lyndsey has a  background in Psychology with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology (Northumbria University) and a Master’s degree in Developmental Psychopathology (Durham University). You can read a little about her studies and her student experience in her full interview here: 

Image of Lyndsey Jenkins accompanying the article Graduate Series: An Interview with Lyndsey Jenkins of Edinburgh Napier

Smart Peak Flow's mission is to help patients stay on top of their asthma by giving an accurate measure of their lung function - a bit like a blood pressure meter does for people with hypertension.

For doctors and asthma nurses Smart Peak Flow provides reliable clinical data they can base therapeutic decisions on.

Image accompanying the Company Connecting digital article An Interview with Thomas Antalffy of Smart Peak Flow

SimplFit works similar to most marketplaces. We have fitness professionals (personal trainers, nutritionists, therapists, etc...) on one side and consumers on the other side.

Fitness pros can connect with prospective clients and consult or train them through video. They can host one-on-one sessions or group sessions.

Opternative is the most convenient way to get a prescription for glasses and contacts online. The Opternative online eye exam can be taken anywhere, anytime, to get a physician-approved prescription within 24 hours. 

Cupris’s mission is to improve healthcare access globally by enhancing communication in healthcare. Cupris provides a unique solution enabling both healthcare communication through an app and web platform, and clinical examination with smartphone-connected medical devices.

Hi I’m David Starkey, I’m a 24 year old PhD candidate at the University of St Andrews and I’m studying Physics.

I’m part of a study that searches for active galaxies. These are also known as quasars (although the term can denote a variety of objects). An active galaxy is a galaxy that shines very brightly – due to the presence of a black hole that is consuming enormous amounts of mass. The material being consumed by the black hole sort of bunches up and forms a spinning disk of matter called an accretion disk.

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MIME Technologies was established towards the end of Alasdair's  PhD studies at The University of Aberdeen's Centre for Rural Health in Inverness. MIME's aim is to develop next generation software to aid first responders on-scene at medical emergencies. 


An image of an Ipad accompanying the article An Interview with Dr. Alasdair Mort of MIME Technologies specialists in technology for medical emergencies

Paradise Palms is a bar and music venue located in Edinburgh that specialise in Scottish sourced spirits, beers and cocktails which compliment an exceptional Scottish vegetarian soul food menu. Palms' emphasis on Scottish sourced produce is just one facet of their emphasis on community, they also have a stage for live music and cabaret, as well as a vinyl record and print store with a focus on local artists.

Paradise Palms

As the world becomes increasingly connected to the internet the phenomenon of the big web has appeared. Nowhere does this sound more dystopian than when applied to Digital Health.