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To coincide with the release of Company Connecting’s latest infographic on Scottish IT companies, we have also mapped the IT companies. The map below gives an insight into the number and distribution of Scotland’s 2400 IT companies. It highlights some of the major hubs and helps to demonstrate Scotland’s IT community on a national and regional scale.

Interactive mp of the Scottish IT Companies in the Company Connecting database

Company Connecting is the authority on Scottish IT SMEs. We start 2017 by releasing a new infographic settign the digital scene for Scotland

Company Connecting Graph of Scottish IT Companies by sector

At BioConnect, we believe that your identity does not lie in something you know, or something you have - your identity is something you are. We all have characteristics that are unique to us, called biometrics, and we want to empower people to authenticate with these features; whether that be face, eyes, fingerprint, the way you walk or the sound of your voice -- any biometric type for that matter.

SecurionPay is a cross-device platform with simplified payment flow. We have been talking to online business owners for years, learning their expectations and decided to build a payment platform tailored precisely to their needs. We knew that something in the payment industry had to change and we were eager to pick up the gauntlet to offer friendly payment solutions for both businesses and their clients. Today we work with European businesses and enable them to process online and mobile payments across the world.

Image courtesy of Securion

Seismic is the leading end-to-end sales enablement solution for institutional financial services firms worldwide. Seismic’s platform gives asset and wealth management firms and business banks the ability to deliver the right client content at the right time, facilitating a world-class client experience. With Seismic, marketing teams are automating the personalisation of client-facing materials via Seimsic’s award-winning LiveDocs® technology, which are then automatically accessed by distribution teams at any time, on any device, and always fully compliant, allowing them to spend more time developing and nurturing client relationships. 

Image of Seismic logo accomanying an Interview with Seismic, the Sales Enablement Platform

Starling offers a completely new way for people to control and look after their finances, offering a fully mobile account with unparalleled tools and insights into everyday spending. Ultimately, we have the customer at the heart of everything we do. 

Starling Bank smart watch tech.

There are a myriad of straws that can break start-ups backs. Usually they boil down to time and money or more specifically timing and lack of money.  Compounding issues of gaps in the management’s business skill set often add to a devil’s brew.

Clock and papers accompanying the article. the time is ticking for start-ups. Company Connecting article. Why do Start-Ups go Bust? by Keith Wilson

Banking has hardly changed until very recently. Yes, in the early 2000’s we started slowly adopting telephone banking, then there was Internet banking, now there is mobile banking. However, all of this ‘innovation’ simply changed how we access banking, not how we bank. I believe the upcoming changes  will change how we bank too, hopefully, making it more secure and convenient.

Photographs of 100 Euros notes accompanying the Company Connecting articleBanking in 2025 by Alex Nechoroskovas

Our latest article is with Spiros Margaris of Margaris Advisory and Werthstein AG. Spiros is ranked number four Banking Influencer among 39,000 banking experts by Klout,  ranked number one Global Top 100 Fintech Influencers and Brands by and also ranked number six of the Top 50 Influencers in the world of InsurTech by InsurTech News. His opinion is highly respected, and we’re very pleased to bring you one of his articles, ‘The Day After’ which looks at the future of FinTech and some of the important consequences.

Giant pile of coins for company connecting article

GoCardless began when its founders saw an opportunity to improve the existing bank-to-bank payments system, Direct Debit. Although a highly trusted payment method, Direct Debit was slow, difficult to access, difficult to use and reliant on inefficient legacy systems. Thanks to technology, GoCardless brought Direct Debit into the digital age and is making payments work better for all businesses, from sole traders and startups to large corporations such as Thomas Cook and the Financial Times. Taking payments with GoCardless has many benefits, from simple online setup to fully flexible payment integrations with leading cloud accounting and billing platforms. At present, GoCardless serves more than 20,000 businesses across the UK and Europe, with further growth planned. 

Go Cardless Cover Image for the Company Connecting article The Future of Banking: An Interview with GoCardless