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In my last article I wrote about the pains I went through trying to decide what to do, and the relief that came with finally taking the decision to make Company Connecting my priority above all other business and work options. So now all I had to do was figure out how to make Company Connecting a reality.

I wanted to crack on with all the data and research side of things – something I really enjoy doing. Some may call me sad, I would say I am inspired.

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The photo of a woman with a laptop which accompanies the Startup Company Experience series of articles

This weeks infographic on IT companies looks at Perthshire, the North of Scotland and the North of Scotland, a huge and beautiful part of Scotland. IT companies are scattered throughout the region. We have companies in the Isle of Lewis, Wick, Fort William and Spean Bridge. The heaviest concentration is in Perth itself with 29 of the companies.

59% of the companies are involved in software, apps and web development, and SEO, so a strong emphasis on web and apps.

This is the Skills word cloud for IT companies in Perthshire and North Scotland - Software Development comes top again.

Be scared. Be brave. Make a decision. Get on with it

In my last article I wrote about starting with one idea, and ending up moving in a very different direction. I was already working via Vetta Business Services and had begun to pull together my prospective client list along with the product and service offerings. It was a relatively low risk business, combining consultancy and developing on line services. However, the outcome from my initial client research meant that Company Connecting now had its claws into me. It certainly wasn’t safe. It was going to take a huge amount of effort. Money could be an issue …….BUT……. it was a lot more exciting!  Potentially mad, bad and dangerous

Photograph of a woman working on a laptop sitting on a bench - used for Company Connecting's Start Up series

Our infographic summarises the size, skills, sectors and focal areas for IT companies in the Borders & South West Scotland. Companies are scattered throughout the area from the larger conurbations of Motherwell, Paisley, Ayr, & Kilmarnock to Selkirk & Lochgilpead. The top three sectors are IT, games & the public sector. There is a large focus on cyber security with 25% of IT companies involved in Cyber Security based in the Borders and South West Scotland.

Word cloud for all business focus of all the IT companies in South West Scotland and the Borders

This week's Nutshell is James Littlejohn, founder of Dsensor, the opensource Peer to Peer (P2P) platform to gather data to enable senseMaking i.e. we can all help to make sense of the world. James is currently considering working on crowdfunding his enterprise. He can turn his hand to anything - from joinery, to book keeping, scottish music and ofcourse he is an entrepreneur and programmer extraordinaire.

THe Dsensor logo corresponding to the Nutshell about James Littlejohn, the Dsensor founder

Our Infographic this week is IT companies in Stirlingshire & Fife. The main centres are Stirling, Falkirk and Dunfermline, but there are many companies scattered throughout the region. Once again Software development is the top skill (64 companies). Companies tend to be relatively small with 70% having less than 10 employees.

THis is a word cloud of the business function areas that IT companies in Stirlingshire and Fie work within.

Anarkik3D is a Company Connecting member, and we featured its CEO Ann Marie Shillito in our Nutshell series last year. Ann Marie is an artist and jeweler. With her team she has developed Anarkik3D Design which exploits 3D virtual touch (haptics) to make 3D design more spontaneous. She has also set up Anarkik Creations to sell unique 3D printed jewellery. 

A photo of some of Anerkik Creations unique 3D printed jewellery accompanying the article Anarkik Creations is raising £20,000 via Crowdfunding

Andrew, like so many of our Nutshells cut his computing teeth on a Sinclair ZX81. He is another Tesla aficionado. One of Andrew's biggest interests is technology and film and he would love to meet Dennis Muren.  Dennis Muren is a legendary special effects supervisor and has worked with Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and...... James Cameron. Do you think Andrew could be related to James?

Photograph of Andrew Cameron Project Manager at Lockheed Martin

In my previous article I wrote about having an idea and considering how that idea can become a business.  I had identified my customer group as IT companies and anyone interested in IT. I was all set to find the IT companies and then discovered that this was not a straightforward or easy task.

Janice Grant Shaw, Founder of Company Connecting. The Startup experience with Company Connecting. Part Three:  – To pivot or not to pivot

Our infographic summarises the size, skills, sectors and focal areas for IT companies in Dundee City and Angus. The majority of the companies are in Dundee, but there are a few in Montrose and Forfar too.

There is a very strong focus on Games in the area. Oil & Gas comes second. For the first time we see Comics appearing -  reflecting Dundee's heritage with the Beano and Dundee as well as journalism.

Dundee Dragon