In a Nutshell With Delia Bulgaru

Today's nutshell is Delia Bulgaru. Delia is a student in media at Robert Grodon's University. She was a placement student at Company Connecting, and she is now working with us part time to help with our social media

What do you do?

I am in 4th year studying media at RGU also working along Janice Grant Shaw for Company Connecting

What is the main focus of rthe business ?

Company Connecting is based in Aberdeen and offers testing services, market intelligence and is helping businesses connect with IT partners.

My focus on this business is mainly marketing and PR.

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What do you do?

My role within the company is to help with social media and promotion. I enjoy working along with Janice as I first started as a placement student within the company and further I was offered a part-time job. 

What was your very first job?

I only had one or two jobs before being an intern at Company Connecting, but only one full time which was letting agent in Cluj-Napoca.

How did you get into IT?

As a media student my work field is not actually IT, but Janice introduced me to the basics. I can’t say I am an IT person but more like social guru within the company.

Interesting fact about You?

I actually have a hairdressing and make-up degree which I never pursued after graduation.

Favourite Place?

As much as I like Scotland, my favourite place on Earth would still be my home country, Romania.

Dream Car?

I am not really a car enthusiast but there is one which caught my eye and that is Nissan GTR

Who would you most like to meet and why?

There are lots of inspirational people around the world but in regards of business, I would like to meet would be Mark Zuckerberg as he founded the largest social media platform. I believe he would be an interesting person to talk to.

Current Aspirations for the business or your career

I am glad to be able to work alongside Janice as she is not just a good leader but also an inspiration for me. I enjoy being part of Company Connecting and I believe we will still be “associates” in the future.

For the long-run I would like to explore more of what the media field has to offer PR, advertising, copywriting and even film. 

Any Advice for Others?

There is not much experience I have to give other people advice, but there is one that I follow myself: experiment and find out what you enjoy doing the most!

You can find Delia on linkedin

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"In a Nutshell With Delia Bulgaru" first published on Company Connecting June 2019

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