Experienced software developer and entrepreneur Michael Carr tells us about GoRoadie and a bit about himself.

What was the idea for GoRoadie?

Back in 2016, a friend of ours was a driving instructor and he was looking for more business. Since we were keen to build web apps in our own time, we agreed to help him out. Once we started researching the industry, we realised that "oh wait a second, if I want to book a lesson, 

Picture of Micahel Carr of Go Roadie accompanying the article An interview with GoRoadie

Angus Addlesee in a nutshell about his personal life and IT career.

Our first nutshell of the year features Angus Addlesee of Wallscope. He is working in an interesting area, and combines innovative thinking with finding method of applying technology to help others.

Angus doing a talk

We continue our "In a Nutshell" with Agron Elshani of Uprospr. Here he tells us a bit about his life, company and how he got into IT.

UProspr is a talent acquisition platform aiming to help employers make better hiring decisions and boost diversity in the workplace. We provide in-house recruitment teams with the tools to attract, assess and select best-fit people to interview, without unconscious biases influencing decisions.

Image of Agron Elshani accompanying the Company Connecting nutshell

The greatest supply chain and logistics outfit - In a Nutshell with S.Claus

Read S. Claus (honest I am handsome) in a Nutshell. Yet another Sinclair ZX81 aficionado. He would exchange reindeer for a Bugatti Veyron or a Lamborghini Murcielago any day.

We continue our "In a Nutshell" series with Steve Ross of Shackleton Technologies.

What is Shackleton Technologies and what do they do?

IT Managed Services Provider with HQ in Dundee. We specialise in IT infrastructure whether on-premise or in the Cloud. We also provide business continuity, disaster recovery and IT security solutions. We wrap all this up together through a strategic approach to IT with our clients. We look to build an IT roadmap for them over 2 to 5 years so they can invest and budget accordingly. IT is the base from which most companies are built. We work best with client who value this approach.


PHptpgraph of Steve Ross accompanying the artice In a nutshell with Steve Ross of Shackleton Technologies

We continue our "In a Nutshell" and Romanian series' with Sorina-Alexandra Tocaci of Endava.

What is Endava and what do they do?

We started in 2000, as a consulting firm delivering IT strategy and architecture services to some of the world’s largest banks and payments companies. Since then we have understood the changing needs of our customers and evolved into an IT Services organisation built on a foundation of industry expertise, engineering excellence and offshore delivery, committed to providing challenging and rewarding careers for the people who work for us.

Photograph of Sornia-Alexandra Tocaci accompanying the article In a nutshell with Sornia-Alexandra Tocaci of Endava

Today's nutshell is Delia Bulgaru. Delia is a student in media at Robert Grodon's University. She was a placement student at Company Connecting, and she is now working with us part time to help with our social media

Image of Delia Bulgaru, accompanying the Company Connecting article 'in a nutshell'

In a Nutshell: Robin Prior MD of Abergower, specialists in 3D Printing & Document Scanning

We are bringing back our “In a Nutshell” series where we ask entrepreneurs and business people a series of questions to get an idea of what makes them tick.

This week the spotlight is on Robin Prior who started out as a trainee salesman for Tandy TRS80 series. Today he is Managing...

Next instalment in our Student & Graduate series: we spoke to Iona Murray of Wallet Services who's also studying Marketing & Business in Edinburgh.

Iona Murray Edinburgh University Student Marketing Scotland

This weeks Nutshell is David Howarth of iDE8. His company does some pretty interesting stuff which includes exploring the concept of tricorders. "Trekkies" will know that tricorders were used in the Starfleet to scan and examine living beings as well as recording data and numerous other activities. 

Image of a tricorder accompanying the David Howarth Nutshell. A Tricorder is a a tricorder is a multifunction hand-held device used for sensor scanning, data analysis, and recording data.