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We recently published an article into the nature of recently formed Scottish Tech companies .  Company Connecting researched 5,000 Scottish tech companies registered with Companies House between October 2014 and December 2017. We have used the information to provide more information in the infographic below.

The next step in our research is to tag all the new companies according to their skills, size, sectors and competency. We expect to complete this activity in February. 


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Our infographic provides an insight into the nature of recently formed Scottish Tech companies. This information will be of interest to anyone in the private or public sector organisations who needs a thorough understanding of the Scottish technology market. We carry out similar activities for other geographies too i.e. the rest of the UK, Estonia.

In the infographic you can hover over the map and graphs to get further information. There are also tabs that users can click on to compare the information about the various type of companies. If you need more information then contact us via the details below.


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