Looking for Cyber Security Skills? Check out our interactive map.

This week we are publishing a UK wide map of Cyber Security skills in the UK. The information for companies outside Scotland is incomplete but nevertheless we decided to publish the map for the entire UK because the information it provides is interesting.

We hold detailed information on  2,700+ IT companies. The details for Scotland are more or less complete and there are 2,250+ companies. We are starting to load the information for the rest of the UK, however we only have about 300 English companies, and a handful each in Wales and Northern Ireleand.

The distribution of Cyber Security Skills is 30 companies in Scotland and 35 companies in England . This is a huge difference.  This could be interpreted to mean that 1% of IT companies in Scotland, and 11.5% of companies in England offer Cyber Security skills and services.

Clearly we need to be wary about placing much weight on these results. We are currently reviewing the companies with Cyber Security  skills on our database - rechecking and upgrading the descriptions. We would love to hear from companies offering and looking for Cyber Security skills.

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First published on www.companyconnecting.com November 2015

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