Lean Start Up

‘What do you do with your Proof of Concept’? In our case, as well as the usual stuff of questionnaires and feedback testing  – you put it to work to choose a supplier!

This week's start up article is about what we did next once we had completed the work on the Proof of Concept. 

‘What do you do with your Proof of Concept’ . Company Connecting Startup series part 10.

In last week’s blog I commented on how quickly things change, and used the example of the severe downturn in the Oil & Gas industry. The IT skills shortage is well documented, but are we doing anything different to address the skills issues? Is there a different way of working and using underutilised skills in small IT companies in various locations around the country?

In the words of a Twitter feed from an attendee at #DPSTech2015 ' If you keep doing what you've always done, you'll keep getting what you've always got'.

So let's look at things differently.



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