Information technology (IT) is the application of computers, digital media and telecommunications equipment to store, retrieve,integrate, transmit and manipulate data.

Many industries are associated with information technology, including computer hardware, software, electronics, semiconductors, internet, telecom equipment, e-commerce and computer services

Good Morning California!!

'Hello to our visitors from the USA! 

We are receiving a number of visits to Company Connecting from the USA, San Francisco in particular, so we thought we would say ‘hello’. Please let us know if there is anything you would like to see on our site related to IT companies, people,...

What's the connection between BT Internet, Michael Hutchence, and the Dounreay nuclear plant? Read our Nutshell on John Gillies of Clark IT  to find out more.

John Gillies of Clark IT Solutions. His first job was at Dounreay nuclear plant

Infographics: IT companies in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Cambridgeshire areas

We have recently published infographics which provides an overview of the of the IT industry in the Glasgow, Edinburgh and Cambridgeshire areas. In all three areas more than 50% of the companies have Software Development as one of their skills, a significant majority of companies have less than...

The Startup Experience with Company Connecting. Part One: What is a Start up?

Following on from my popular series 'Come on IT Companies, Let's be Disruptive', my next series of articles is about my journey setting up a new business. This week I will be publishing the first in the series: 'The Startup Experience with Company Connecting. What is a Start Up?'.


65% of IT companies in GLasgow and the surrounding area have less than 10 employees. The top three sectors that the IT companies provides services to are: Utilities, Retail & Consumer Goods and Financial Services.Our infographic summarises the size, skills, sectors and focal areas for IT companies in and around the Glasgow area. Once again Software Development comes out as the top skill.

Glasgow Skyline at night accompanying company connections Glasgow infographic

Digital companies in Glasgow and the surrounding area

Check out our infographic of 550+ IT companies in and around the Glasgow area. Once again Software Development is the top skill. 65% of companies have less than 10 employees, and 10% of companies have more than 50 employees. Our word cloud is of the sectors the companies work within.


We have over 700 IT companies in the Edinburgh and surrounding area (EH Post Code). 61% of the companies have less than 10 employees, and less than 7% have 100 employees or more. Around a third of companies work in the area of software development, slightly lower than in Cambridgeshires. The main sectors that companies supply their services too are IT, Financial Services and Healthcare. The Oil & Gas sector takes fourth place which is interesting, as the main Oil & Gas companies are located further north.

Word Cloud of the Sectors that companies in Edinburgh and the surrounding area work

Digital Companies in Edinburgh and the surrounding area

There are more than 700 companies in Edinburgh and the surrounding area (EH post code). Check our Edinburgh infographic with details of the company sizes, main sectors and skills and compare with last weeks information for Cambridgeshire.

Cambridge IT Companies

We have published the details of the Cambridgeshire companies we currently have on Company Connecting. We have loaded about half of the companies so far. More than 50% of these companies provide Software Development services, 14 provide Cyber Security and 4 are involved in Big Data....

In a Nutshell with Greig Ewen of Solutions Aberdeen

This week we bring you Greig Ewen of Solutions Aberdeen. Greig is in charge of Training Operations and Business Development. He would like to have met Robin Williams, and take a drive in a Porsche Carrera GT4 RS. He has passion for developing the business and growing his own...