IT Companies with Software Development skills: Infographic from Company Connecting

We have researched 3,200 IT companies and our information has been added to by IT companies updating their company profiles. This week our infographic provides information on all the IT companies involved in software development on our database.

  • 903 IT companies with Software Development Skills of which 548 are in Scotland
  • Cambridge has 126 companies involved in software development
  • Glasgow has the most IT companies involved in software development in Scotland with a total of 124
  • Edinburgh has 105 companies involved in software development

Please Note: We have loaded data for 95%+ IT companies in Scotland and are almost finished gathering data for Cambridgeshire. To get your company details prioritised for adding to Company Connecting then please register)

There is a lot of information in the infographic below, particularly in the two word clouds. Hovering over the word clouds and the graphs will provide information on the number of IT companies.

We have previously published infographics for all regions in Scotland and Cambridgeshire. You can look at the other infographics from our blog or by clicking on the links for each of the locations for, Scotland,  Perthshire & Northern ScotlandBorders & South West Scotland,  Stirling & FifeDundeeAberdeenInvernessGlasgowEdinburgh and Cambridgeshire

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