An insight into dissolved IT and telecoms companies

Company Connecting has completed the work identifying the Scottish IT and telecoms companies dissolved between October 2014 and January 2018.  We have retained the information on our database as it provides interesting insights into the type and skills of companies that are dissolved. A few are taken over or merge with other companies but the vast majority cease trading.

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Company Connecting has several thousand IT and telecoms companies on its database. Of these, 2,730 are registered in Scotland, and 266 of these are now dissolved. The infographic below provides an overview off size, location and age of the dissolved companies. For further information, registered users can search the  Company Connecting database by entering 'dissolved' into the search bar, and select the various categories to get further information on the dissolved companies.


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"An insight into dissolved IT and telecoms companies First published on Company Connecting April 2018

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