The Future of Identity with BioConnect

How do we develop a means of validating the identities of individuals? BioConnect is a Canadian company who envisage the future of identity within Biometrics.

At BioConnect, we believe that your identity does not lie in something you know, or something you have - your identity is something you are. We all have characteristics that are unique to us, called biometrics, and we want to empower people to authenticate with these features; whether that be face, eyes, fingerprint, the way you walk or the sound of your voice -- any biometric type for that matter.

James Holland interviewed Doug Sampson who is the Founder and CEO of Soteritech based in Virginia, USA. Doug is a graduate of Cornell University and is passionate about Cyber Security. He cites the recent hack of over 500 million Yahoo user accounts and the potentially damaging effects on the individuals as a major motivator in his work. 

Image of two screens of the data accompanying the interview on Cyber Security with Doug Samspon of Soteritech, Virginia, USA