Financial Services Companies comparison to Scottish IT Companies 2018

This week’s Company Connecting infographic compares  the skills, sectors, age, size, and business focus areas of 289 Scottish IT companies working in the financial / fintech sector with those of the 2,763 Scottish IT companies. IT companies providing services and products into the financial services sector make up 9.5% of the Scottish IT companies.


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Our definition of 'financial services' companies includes companies working in the banking, insurance, wealth management, fintech, financial services sectors, and companies with skills in payments, EPOS, blockchain and other high tech areas related to payments.

In the infographic below you can use the tabs to compare Financial Services in Scotland vwith the Scottish IT companies for sector, size, age, skills, and business focus area. Some quick stats:

  • Companies providing services and products into the Financial Services account for 55% of the very large companies (5000+ personnel companies)
  • Financial Services and Scottish IT companies have similar ages
  • In the top 10's business focus areas - only three business focus areas are shared i.e. CRM, Document Management and Risk Management.

There is lots more information in the infographic below. It is interactive you can click to view the details for both Financial Services companies with IT as a sector and Scottish companies as a whole. More facts can be viewed by hovering over the charts.



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"2018 Infographic on Financial Services Companies Compared to Scottish IT Companies" First published on Company Connecting October 2018

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