European Cyber security

Cybersecurity as the area of strategic actions and challenges

Company Connecting is now into it’s final week of focus on Cyber Security, and it comes at a particularly busy time in the UK press for Cyber Security.

Philip Hammond this week announced a new UK Cyber Security strategy, in this announcement he said the UK will ‘strike back’ at those that...

Cybersecurity and, more broadly, issues connected with cyberspace, have risen to the rank of strategic, global challenges. On the one hand, over the last few decades we have witnessed unprecedented opportunities for general development: economic, political, social, and individual. On the other, we are now facing completely new categories of threats, with potentially catastrophic consequences. All stakeholders, even the non-governmental ones, who, in the past, had limited or no tools enabling them to effectively influence the world around, now have comparatively easy access to technologies that may potentially impact entire international security systems. The Web has become a tremendous source of influence.

Image of the planetarium building in Poland accompanying the article about the Instytut Kościuszki by Aneta Urban