Cyber Security Infographic compared to Scottish IT Companies 2018

Company Connecting has published a number of articles and videos on Cyber Security which reflect the many different facets of security today.

Our infographic provides a summary of the type of information we hold at Company Connecting. The infographic compares IT companies providing Cyber Security products and services with all the IT & telecoms companies in Scotland.

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IT companies with Cyber Security skills tend to be larger than average: 52% have more than 20 employees whereas our CC average is 38%. We will take a more in depth look at company sizes when we release our findings on recently founded companies later this year.

The top three sectors for Cyber Security skills are: Financial Services, Government and Healthcare – so all ‘big’ sectors with large corporations and organisations.

Some quick stats on the 270 Scottish companies with Cyber Security as a skill:

  • The distribution of company ages is interesting:
    • 14% are 0-5 years old
    • 26% are 6-10 years old, and
    • 44% are older than 10 nyears
    • (We are working on the information for the remaining 16%)
  • Edinburgh and Glasgow councils take first and second place for the number of cyber security companies, with Aberdeen City, South Lanarkshire and Renfrewshire in joint third place
  • SMEs, Financial Services and IT are the top three sectors serviced by the companies.
  • Security, Mobile display and Information Security are the top three focal areas.

There is lots more information in the infographic below. It is interactive, so more facts can be clicking between Cyber Security and Scotland or viewed by hovering over the charts.



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"2018 Infographic on Cyber Security Companies compared to Scottish IT Companies" First published on Company Connecting October 2018

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