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Last week I wrote about my heritage and how the idea for Company Connecting began to germinate. This week I am going to continue on the theme of ideas and how you convert an idea into a business.

I have worked in IT, Oil & Gas and more recently the space sectors most of my working life. I have experienced my fair share of discrimination, bad behaviour and being ignored in my career. I learned to deal with most situations, and thought that such behaviour was relegated to the past. There has certainly been a marked change since the 1980s. We must also remember that women can be equally cruel to men, it just doesn’t happen so often.

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When I started Company Connecting, I never thought of it as a ‘Start up’. I had several ideas for a business and key for me was to be independent and live up to my new motto ‘Life is too short to work for someone else’.

At we help digital health companies to solve security and regulatory compliance issues by offering them a secure Backend and Database as a Service. With Chino service companies can ensure security and compliance with data protection laws, reduce drastically costs and time to market, and deliver their services globally.

Biotaware is a software development and solutions company created specifically to address the needs of Digital Health.  We're located in Nottingham which has a strong medical and technology presence in the UK.  With the rise of smartphones, wearables and other connected devices, we saw an opportunity to provide development services that support the collection of patient data which can then be analysed.

With the rise of digital health, the opportunities for organisations of digital health applications (See our first article here to learn more about the digital health industry) are growing rapidly. Products such as Apple’s ResearchKit(link is external)and Google Fit and Apple Health(link is external) are all providing wider access to valuable consumer health and clinical data gathered from a variety of sources and hardware sensors. This article explores what components of technology that is needed to enable digital technology to be adopted i.e. mobile applications and wearables to interact with cloud servers and databases and how these technologies can be deployed.

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Healthcare and digital technology are two niches that have not traditionally been associated. However, with the evolution of the healthcare industry has come the need to be more efficient, affordable and effective. This is how the birth of digital health came about.

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Tell us about your company and what you do?

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Hi Jordan, thank you for inviting me to chat about AI. I am currently studying an MSc in Artificial Intelligence and prior to this I completed a BSc in Mathematics. During various internships I have created optimisation algorithms for Tipico, the leading sports betting company in the German market, and worked on data analysis with a financial syndication platform in London.

Angus Addlesee Heriot-Watt University

We have taken a look at the IT companies that fall within the City of Edinburgh council area. We have identified 560 that fall within the area. The top three sectors are IT, Finance and Retail. This reflects the need that IT companies also have of skills to support their business. Edinburgh is known for its finance sector, so it’s no surprise that the Finance sector features so high.

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