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There has been quite a bit in the press about the rate of growth of the Scottish Digital Economy. Recent insights from Tech City UK and Nockolds Solicitors has identified the Scottish digital economy as the fastest growing outside London.  This is great news. However, taking a look at the Tech Nation 2017 Digital tech economy map – it looks like Scotland stops at Dundee. Clearly Tech City, who prepare the report, do have to be able to cluster technology centres geographically, but it is a pity that Scotland is not better represented in the report.

Company Connecting has already brought you some fantastic insights into the UK IT companies working in the Digital Health industry, as well as some interesting infographics. Next up we combine these to bring you an updated infographic of IT Companies working in Healthcare and Digital Health.

UK Scottish Digital Health IT Healthcare companies infographic

Company Connecting recently launched a service to help non-IT companies through the minefield of selecting an IT partner. We received comments about our new service on Linkedin and a much larger response via private messages and calls from people who had found the whole experience of finding an IT supplier a ‘nightmare’ – a word which cropped up in several conversations.

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Hi there Iona, could you tell us a little about your background and how you came to be part of the team at Wallet.Services?

Iona Murray Edinburgh University Student Marketing Scotland

A UK start-up is pioneering technology that, it claims, can help to fight poverty in developing countries by allowing millions of people to learn to read and write in English using their mobile phones.

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Our mission is to help patients recovering from critical illness and eveyone in their care loop, including clinicians, caregivers and the patient’s families. The motivation has been spurred both by witnessing the current shortfalls with close relatives in the past and the continuous feedback from all involved parties, highlighting the challenges and creating the canvas for simple and interconnected solutions.

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Connected Health Cluster brings together 70+ partners, including 47 companies (start-ups, medical software, devices, biotechnology and pharma), R&D partners (universities and technology development centres), health and wellness service providers (hospitals, GPs, occupational health, spas, fitness and sports), and public sector (ministries responsible for healthcare and entrepreneurship, national health insurance, national e-health development agency).

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Medihub is the first medical services information and doctor’s appointment booking environment in the Baltics and Nordics. What makes the portal special is that the prices of medical services can be compared not just within a single country, but internationally – as such, the aim is to develop a “transparent medical market” unique to the Baltic Sea region or in fact anywhere in the world.

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