Showcase your IT company

Updating your company details – how to showcase your company.

company connecting updating your profileWhen you register as a user on CC, we check to see if your company is an IT tech company. If it is we connect you with your company so that you can update your company details. We may already have updated the descriptions and skills for your company in which case you just need to check, make changes and upload your logo.

If there are minimal details about your company on the system, or you want to change what we have entered then here are a couple of guides to help you.



The description should give finders a quick impression of your company. Finders may be looking for a specific technology, partners, resellers, collaborators and so on. They will already have narrowed down the companies of interest via the search mechanism. The description is all about attracting the finder to take a further look at your company. So here are a few simple rules:

  • Have a short opening sentence that summarises what you do. Make it punchy and simple to read e.g. ‘We are web design studio, we specialise in on line shops’, ‘We are specialists in 3d Printing, and can help you convert your idea into a prototype’.
  • If you are doing something different or cutting edge but it’s not quite there, please include this in your description. Finders may be looking for you!
  • After the opening line, provide some further general information about your company.
  • The description is all about differentiating your company from others returned in the searches.
  • Please remember not to include your company name in the description. The descriptions need to be anonymous
  • If you need help, then contact us.

Company Size

This is an extremely important piece of information for finders.  Some finders will only be interested in the larger companies, whilst others are looking for innovative micro companies.

Skills and further Attributes

You can select a number of skills and other attributes which will show up as search ‘facets’. We have categorised these as:

  • Business Sector  is the business sectors you work in e.g. Financial Services, SME, Public Sector, Defence and Aeronautics, Space
  • Focus is the business areas you specialise in e.g. 3D animation, air traffic management, biometrics, asset management, comics, quality control, production control, SaaS, Tanker management
  • Skills covers a huge number of attributes e.g. IT support, service management, business analysis, project management, helpdesk, consultancy
  • Software covers anything to do with software, development, systems and languages e.g. SAP, SQL, Java, Sharepoint, development
  • Hardware covers the more technical areas of RFID, Embedded Systems, calibration, server management
  • Network & Telecom includes everything related to communications i.e. Broadband, Design, VOIP
  • Security includes anything related to security. There are not many items in this category currently and we welcome your advice on other attributes to include
  • Research and Development has only a few items such as research,
  • Training includes items such as training, course design as well as the products that companies provide training in e.g. MS Word, Office 365
  • Accreditation covers official accreditation e.g. ISO 9001, 27001, Prince 2, ITIL, and also groups that you belong to e.g. Scotland IS, Tech UK

PHOTO CREDIT: ©Stefano Corso