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Company Connecting is a platform dedicated to sourcing and connecting talented IT companies and professionals with those searching for IT skills. We have researched 4,000 IT companies. Things includes most of Scotland (around 2,400), and 1,400 in England & Wales. The remaining 200 companies are all over the world - with a hotspot in Estonia.

So how do we connect IT talent? There are several possibilities.

Connecting IT Companies At Company Connecting we know that there are many talented IT companies who lack the sufficient resources and knowledge to properly market their services. We help IT start-ups and SMEs find new clients through a quick and simple company profile designed to build brand awareness and get your IT company in front of the right target audience.

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Connecting Non-IT Business searchers with Define Search Match (DSM) Company Connecting helps SMEs and Start-Ups with a non-IT background  to find a trusted IT partner. We help to mitigate the risk of being burned through bad referrals by offering honest, impartial advice based on our client's IT requirements.

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Connect and raise your Company profile  Company Connecting offers a range of advertising and content offerings designed to help companies with limited marketing experience a

nd small platforms to drive quality leads and conversions on a modest marketing budget. We help to communicate IT companies’ tech capability through expert insight articles, infographics, blogs, banner advertising and classifieds on a niche platform which is dedicated to IT and Technology.

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Checkout our sponsorship opportunities Company Connecting has a wide reach across technology companies, those who use technology and professional services companies. We offer a range of sponsorship opportunities from sponsoring a graduate or student article to a full bespoke service which can include, reports, infographics, newsletters, and events.


Connecting Government and Public Sector Company Connecting offers digital transformation groups, local councils, and government bodies detailed information on the UK digital and tech ecosystem. This combined with our rich depth of knowledge of IT and Tech mean that we can help to advance internal and government policies related to the tech economy and digital infrastructure, and guide our clients through technical information, and its subsequent implications.

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