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What is the Company Connecting IT Broker Service?

We can provide you with a short list of three companies to help you with any technical aspects of your business.

We deliver an impartial service based on the skills you need.

"The Sharepoint provider that Company Connecting introduced us to were fab.

Would highly recommend the IT Broker service!"

Carol Fraser of HFI Consulting

What do you get?


We speak with you to get an understanding of your requirements, and gather a number of criteria for a potential supplier e.g. skills needed, size, sector etc.


We carry out a search of the companies on our database. We narrow these down to the best fit for your business

STEP Three

We check each company. We call them to check on rates and availability. We discuss the companies with you and provide you with a recommendation and a short report. You can then contact the companies yourself. If you need a bit more help then we can provide you with the support you need.

How much does it cost?

It costs £375, or £300 for Company Connecting registered users

Quick Video insight into our service

I could do it myself

If you know what you need, then yes you can use a search engine or ask around. However, this can be time consuming and you may not get what you want.

We are different from a search engine

  • We spend time understanding your requirements
  • We identify companies that fulfil the remit
  • We call each of the companies, check on rates and availability, and ask questions to ensure the company is able to carry out the work
  • Where possible we will negotiate a discount
  • We provide up to three options

I think I need more help

Call us on 0845 643 5375 for a 20 minute consultation – or e-mail us at support@companyconnecting to arrange a time to speak

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