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Finding an IT Partner

At Company Connecting we find that companies looking for IT services do not always know what their IT needs actually are. What happens when the company then finds out that the IT services provider they have contacted cannot actually do what they are asking? They end up wasting time and money.  Company Connecting and Analysis Logic have teamed up to provide a joint service to resolve this problem.

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Non-IT companies can struggle to find IT companies with the right skills to help their business grow. Companies have come to us for help after they have made an expensive mistake selecting their web developer or IT supplier. Their initial selection was largely based on trust and the subjective advice of others. This has resulted in issues with the end product with a knock-on effect of a delay in product launch, higher costs, or delayed  first revenues.

So what can companies do, and how can they reduce the risk of selecting an IT partner, and increase the chances of a successful engagement?  Company Connecting and  Analysis Logic  have been working together  for  some  time. The companies have teamed up to provide a unique DEFINE SEARCH MATCH ENGAGE service. It is unique because it uses the Company Connecting database to select the companies AFTER the requirements are fully understood and agreed. Both companies offer objective, neutral and independent services with no vendor partnership ties or technology bias. We work solely to provide the best match for our clients' needs.

Between the two companies we have extensive experience across the full life-cycle of IT solutions from idea - analysis - design - development - vendor management - roadmap - strategy - project management - implementation - product development - support -...

Define your IT needsDEFINE

We spend time with you to understand what you want to achieve and help you define the key requirements so that we can connect you to the IT companies that can fulfil your specific needs. This is an essential stage, which is often missed out or skimmed over. Spending time on the definition will save your company’s time, money and effort.

We gather a number of criteria for a potential supplier e.g. skills needed, size, sectors worked in etc.

Search Company Connecting Data for companies that meet your requirementsSEARCH

Using the criteria and our knowledge of IT we carry out a search of the companies on our database. We narrow these down to the best fit, i.e. with the most criteria matches.

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Company Connecting will use our expertise to Match you with the most suitable company for your requirementsMATCH

We check each of the companies and call them to check on rates, availability, and that they are able to do what they say. We discuss with you the companies, and provide you with a short report. You can then contact the companies yourself. 

We can also support you through the implementation of your collaborationENGAGE

In addition to helping you frame your project initially and finding suitable suppliers we can also support you through the implementation of your project.  This is a great benefit of this joint service offering and can help overcome and de-stress some of the issues that come up as the project progresses and help you deliver your product, solution or service. An experienced pair of hands can not only help you define the scope of work, but also help you deliver it by being available to bridge business and technical domains and diffuse the situation as issues arise.

Funding Assistance

We realise that cost is always an issue for early stage companies, and so we have discussed with Scottish Enterprise the potential for the work to be carried out using the By Design Grant. This is a 70% grant of between £2,000 and £5,000 to help with the design of new products and services. You must be VAT registered and able to fund the project up front. 

Other funding sources from all over the UK are available and we will publish links to these in due course.


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