Company Connecting Membership Benefits

Company Connecting is free to join. We help companies find one another, build relationships and interact for mutual benefit. There are a number of benefits for our members which are described below. If there is something you would like to offer other members then please contact us.

Raise your Profile

  • Post one classified advert free per year
  • Tell us your Twitter account and we will follow you
  • Be the subject of one of our Nutshell articles
  • Tech companies can update their Company Connecting company profiles. The more information companies add about themselves, the the easier it is for Company Connecting to match the profile to potential clients, partners etc.

In a nutshell

Connecting and Research

Search our database to get an understanding of IT company demographics. Call us for any help you may need with the search.

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Company Connecting Discounts

  • 12.5% discount on the Company Connecting IT Brokers service (£300 instead of £375)
  • Receive discount vouchers periodically to post further classified adverts

Professional Services and Discounts

  • Jumpstart (R&D Tax credits) is offering Company Connecting members 10% discount on its fees
  • 360 Crowdfunding will provide a free 20 minute consultation to Company Connecting members who want to get a better understanding of what is involved in running a crowd funding campaign
  • Robinium Ltd offers Company Connecting members a 10% discount (£25 per hour instead of £27.50 per hour) on its services:
    • test planjing anf testing
    • grow and manage your Linkedin network
    • manage your social media
    • help with salesforce administration

Our Services

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