About Company Connecting

Company Connecting was founded to provide a platform for IT technology companies, and to develop an information rich, business to business, sector specific, search engine and database. 

We help users find companies with specific business profiles from within the ever growing number of IT and technology companies on our database. 

We research all registered IT companies prior to activating them on our system.  This allows us to accurately profile each company and ensure they are active within the ICT services sector and operate in the geographical locations they state. This ensures the best results for companies in both searching and being found.

Our vibrant community of IT and non-IT companies creates a proactive audience for our subscribers to explore for new outlets, events, partners or collaborations.  We are active across a range of social media platforms providing impressive pull through and outreach for our subscribers.

We provide a range of services connecting IT companies and providing reports on IT capability. We carry out research and can help find IT products and services e.g  channel partners, resellers, procurement of Sharepoint, Tableau, Hydrocarbon Accounting, Analytics, Big Data services etc.

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