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Company Connecting was founded with the aim of accurately connecting companies based on their IT and tech needs. The primary tool we use to do this is our own uniquely comprehensive database of IT and tech companies in the UK. So far we have researched almost 4,000 companies,  2,500 of which are in Scotland and the rest are in Egnland, Wales, Ireland, Estonia and a few other countries.

We offer an unrivalled level of granularity in the data we have on these companies which allows us to create business profiles that can be matched based on a number of highly focused and relevant factors.

All the companies on our system are validated before being added to the database, which ensures that each company is active within the ICT services sector and operates in the geographical location they state. This means that companies looking for IT companies are provided with the best results possible, and IT companies looking to be matched are connected with companies who have projects relevant to their field and skillset.

Company Connecting has a highly active presence on various social media platforms which adds to our ability to provide an engaged audience for our registered users. The Company Connecting community has developed into a vibrant mix of IT and non-IT companies which we help to connect, advertise and expand into new markets.

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First published on Company Connecting July 2017

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