Stats, Graphs and Interesting Facts

We have gathered a huge amount of information on tech companies in Scotland, and will continue to add data as we move into other regions and countries. Each company is categorised by a number of attributes e.g. company size, sectors, focus, skills etc. This means we are able to provide an in depth analysis of the IT tech business in Scotland. … Read more

What is the Value of Making One Connection?

Finding a partner, a reseller or a company that can help with some interesting technology can add significantly to your revenues. Company Connecting helps IT tech companies find one another and any company to find an IT tech / Digital company. Companies want to find or be found by other companies for many different reasons e.g. to … Read more

What Next?

We launched mid July 2015 with almost 2,500 IT tech companies mainly in Scotland. Over the next few months we will: continue to add to the content of the site and bring you more information about the IT tech industry across regions and countries develop the functionality of the site and the search mechanism add … Read more