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Cog Wheels represneting Scrum MAster

CV of Scrum Master Michelle Okonta Profile Scrum Master (PSM) with understanding of the software development lifecycle (SDLC), leveraging project management skills (PRINCE2), agile methodologies and best practices. Instrumental in accelerating the digital transformation of organisations. My experience has ranged from design and feature development / implementation using cloud-based technology for digital transformation, enterprise resource … Read more

How to search for information on IoT (Internet of Things) skills

Company Connecting registered users can use the search facility. Our 30 second video shows users how to login, and then use the search facility. The company names are anonymised – so if you want more information please contact us at This weeks infographic will provide information on Scottish companies with skills in IoT (Internet of … Read more

2018 Scottish Business and Tech Events Directory

Over the past few years, Laurent Mélin-Quinn has built and maintained a list of business and technology events in Scotland. His research contains loads of information i.e. the event title, date, skills, location and sector, from 2016 to 2018. He has very kindly passed this information onto Company Connecting, to continue to develop and publicise … Read more

Video introduction to Cyber Security month at Company Connecting

Throughout October, Company Connecting is publishing a number of articles, videos and infographics on Cyber security. This is in support of the European Cyber Security Month (ECSM) Watch our 50 second introduction to Cyber Security which outlines some basics. It provides info on the threats we will be discussing through videos, articles, interviews and infographics across the month of … Read more

Healthcare and Augmented Reality: Company Connecting 1 minute video

Healthcare and Augmented Reality, one minute facts from Company Connecting. We continue to experiment with videos which are a combination of information and facts.  Previously we published a video on Augmented Reality using infographics with data from our database as well as some other sources. This video concentrates on the use of Augmented Reality within … Read more

IT Companies with Cyber Security Skills: Company Connecting Insights

Our infographic this week is IT companies who work in the Cyber Security space. It accompanies our interactive map showing where these companies are located.  Of the 3,300+ IT companies on Company Connecting, 147 have Cyber Security skills. Our analytics shows a disparity in Cyber Security skills between IT companies in Scotland and England. Only 2.5% of … Read more

IT Companies with Software Development skills: Infographic from Company Connecting

We have researched 3,200 IT companies and our information has been added to by IT companies updating their company profiles. This week our infographic provides information on all the IT companies involved in software development on our database. 903 IT companies with Software Development Skills of which 548 are in Scotland Cambridge has 126 companies involved … Read more

IT Companies in Scotland: Infographic from Company Connecting

We have researched 2,300+ Scottish IT companies and our information has been augmented by IT companies updating their profiles. Over the past few weeks we have provided infographics which summarised the details of IT companies across 8 regions of Scotland. We have included information on the sectors, business focus, skills, company size and also the … Read more