Scottish Financial Services Infographic 2018 | Company Connecting

Company Connecting continues its infographic series with a look at the tech companies working in the area of financial services. We have included the banking, insurance, and wealth management sectors as well as companies who provide skills related to financial management such as EPOS and blockchain. The infographic provides information on 283 Scottish IT and telecoms companies that … Read more

Infographic on Glasgow Companies with IT skills

Check out the infographic from Company Connecting on Scottish tech companies with IT and telecoms related skills. The infographic covers 695 Individual Companies based in Glasgow i.e. 25% of the IT and telecoms companies in Scotland. Company Connecting has detailed information on 4,437 tech companies of which 2,763 are in Scotland. Some quick stats on … Read more

Scottish cyber security infographic 2018 | Company Connecting

It’s been almost two years since we last published information on Cyber Security Companies. Our last article looked at al the companies with Cyber Security skills on the Company Connecting database. This time we have focused on the 270 Scottish companies with Cyber Security skills. We have almost 4,500 tech companies on our database of which 2,700+ … Read more

Infographic of 1790 technology companies with Software Development skills

We have updated our infographic on tech companies that have software skills. The last Software Development infographic was published in May 2016 and provided information on 903 IT companies. Company Connecting now has profiles for 4,400+ tech companies, of which 1,790 (932 in Scotland) have software skills. Some quick stats on the 1790 companies: 65% … Read more

Infographic of Scottish IT and Telecoms companies formed between October 2014 and June 2017

Last week Company Connecting provided information on 2425 companies registered between October 2014 and June 2017. The research established that only 11% of the registered companies were ‘real’ i.e. had a web presence. Almost 30% were already dissolved or dormant, and at least 20% were companies for contractors. It was evident that the number of tech … Read more

An insight into dissolved IT and telecoms companies

Company Connecting has completed the work identifying the Scottish IT and telecoms companies dissolved between October 2014 and January 2018.  We have retained the information on our database as it provides interesting insights into the type and skills of companies that are dissolved. A few are taken over or merge with other companies but the … Read more

Technology Companies in the Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE) area

Company Connecting had several responses to a statistic we published on Linkedin on IT and telecoms companies in the Highlands and Islands Enterprise area. We received comments and queries about the information we hold.This latest infographic looks at different aspects of the 163 IT and telecoms companies in the HIE area, including a number of … Read more

IT and Telecoms companies infographic: North East England

Company Connecting is researching companies in the North East of England, and companies in the area have registered and updated their Company Connecting profiles. The North East of England is one of the 9 official regions of England and covers Northumberland, County Durham, Tyne and Wear and part of North Yorkshire. We have used the … Read more

2018 IT Companies Infographic of skills, sectors, size and location

Company Connecting has recently carried out a major review of its data. Company Connecting is increasing its geographical range, and as can be seen from the word cloud in the infgographic below, we now have a significant number of companies in the UK and overseas. The North East of England features particularly strongly and future infographics will … Read more

2018 Map of the UK IT and Telecoms companies on the Company Connecting database

The 2018 IT Companies Infographic of skills, sectors, size and location Company Connecting has details of 4,400 IT and telecoms companies, 2,700 of which are in Scotland. The remainder are spread across the UK, with pockets in Cambridgeshire and the North East of England. We also have companies in other countries – the main hotspot … Read more