Scotland Tech and IT Companies: Company Connecting 2024 companies

Infographic of Scottish Technology companies This is the first in the Company Connecting 2024 series of infographics. We have updated all of our data on Scottish Technology companies to include the Scottish companies registered in 2022. We have over 5,000 companies on the database of which 2,462 are based in Scotland. We also have details … Read more

Check out the Technology Companies in Moray, Highlands and Islands Councils

Map of the technology companies in the Moray Highlands and Islands Council Region

Infographic of 124 active and 55 dissolved Technology Companies in MOray, Highlands and Islands Councils We have checked and updated all the information for the technology companies in the Moray, Highlands and Islands Councils. The companies tend to be small i.e. 86% have less than 10 employees. There are 124 active technology in the region … Read more