How To Avoid the Five Most Common Blogging Mistakes

Doesn’t ‘Blogging’ sound like a load of old marketing fluff? It doesn’t sound like something a serious IT business should be bothered with. And yet, a serious IT business is exactly the kind of business that could benefit from blogging. What is Blogging?Blogging is the regular publication of any kind of article that shows people … Read more

Online Marketing is not IT’s job: SEO, SEM, and PPC. What’s that got to do with IT?

Online Marketing is not IT’s jobSEO, SEM, and PPC. What’s that got to do with IT? HTML, JS, and CSS are more like it. But what does that have to do with marketing? Therein lies the problem. We’re all familiar with users not understanding technology. (And users are familiar with geeks not understanding what they … Read more

What do you do with your Proof of Concept? The Startup Experience Part Ten

In the last startup article I wrote about my experience working with Dr. Martin Halvey and Strathclyde University to develop the proof of concept for Company Connecting. The next thing I needed to do was to let people see the Proof of Concept site and get some feedback. I had recently taken on my first employee: Robin … Read more

Finding the Best Talent As Part of Your Growth Strategy

I went to school in England. Other than a couple of big football teams, most of my friends thought of Scotland as being about oil, whisky and rain. Even today, many people don’t think of Scotland’s business community as being anything other than dark liquids or old, dirty metal-bashing or extractive industries. It’s like the … Read more

PART Seven: Come on IT Companies. Let’s be Disruptive. Working together or working with the enemy?

In previous articles I considered the possibility of larger companies engaging with smaller SMEs to address the current shortage in IT skills rather than direct recruitment.  I also covered the difficulties a larger company may experience and the need to consider the management of projects involving multiple companies; something which is common place in large … Read more

Part Five: Come on IT Companies – Let’s be disruptive! Recruit or use a 3rd party?

In last week’s article I considered two of the main difficulties for large and small companies to work together i.e. having the desire to make it work, and finding a means of managing the cross company teams. So, if these difficulties seem insurmountable then the option to get the skills you need (other than company … Read more

PART 4: Come on IT Companies – Let’s be disruptive! Understanding the differences.

In last week’s article I continued to explore the potential for large and small companies to work together for the greater good. In other words collaboration. I identified two of the issues i.e. finding the companies in the first place and then figuring out how to work together. I speak with lots of companies large and … Read more

PART 3: Come on IT Companies – Let’s be disruptive! Why use small companies?

In last week’s blog I proposed greater collaboration between large and small companies so that each can benefit from the other. The end result would be spreading a workload by utilising resources more efficiently across companies. Large and small companies are fundamentally different, and those differences are well documented.  This week we are going to … Read more

It’s easy to find a company you know about!

It’s easy to find an IT company you know about – but how do you find one you don’t know? It seems that things are changing rapidly. The word digital is all around us. We need to work in the cloud. Our websites need to be mobile friendly. We need to consider digital marketing, content marketing … Read more

Company Connecting – Internet Dating for Companies

Janice Grant-Shaw has a natural skill in finding the patterns hidden within big data. “I’ve often said to people that there are those talented artistically and musically but, actually, my talent is data,” she explains. As the former managing director for a software products and services company, Janice has used her knowledge to create Company … Read more