Big Data: Just because you can doesn’t mean you should!

Information technology has always been full of buzzwords and jargon. It can be disconcerting for those that consider themselves non-technical and also for technical people too.  Big Data is everywhere these days. So what does it really mean? The Wikipedia definition is ‘…data sets so large or complex that traditional data processing applications are inadequate.’  … Read more

In a Nutshell with Mike Plested of Chanonry Consulting

Main Focus of the BusinessI come from a big company background of Services and Training. Building on this experience Chanonry offers channel strategy, sales enablement, and business development to vendors and resellers. What do you do now?I am an enabler – helping IT businesses bridge the gap between vision and execution. What was your very … Read more

Paralysed by Choice – getting help with SEO

Today I spent two hours browsing a freelancer site looking for someone who can help me with formulating key words. All I need is someone to explain how keywords work and improve my own knowledge of SEO. Ultimately I will want to engage a company to help with SEO – and will obviously use … Read more

What Chance does a small IT technology company have with Public Procurement Contracts?

On the 27th August 2015, Matt Hancock, the Minister for the Cabinet Office announced a new target for small business’ to work in the public sector: 33% of government spending should go to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).The government definition of an SME is those employing 250 employees or less. In IT, a company of … Read more

Pebbles on the Beach

At Company Connecting ( we have reviewed thousands of companies. The IT sector continues to grow and the demand for IT skills is high. However in the areas of Web Development and IT Support there is lots of competition. Like the pebbles on the beach in the photo, these companies come in all shapes and sizes, … Read more

Finding the right IT supplier – saves time and money

Trace Learning ( ) and Company Connecting have common aims. Trace Learning is all about training and Company Connecting is all about IT tech. We both have the common aim of streamlining the ‘finding’ process for companies and individuals. Trace Learning has just launched a great new site – but getting there wasn’t easy. Here … Read more

Company Connecting Press Release

Company Connecting Launches A Platform For B2B To Source Professional IT Companies The comprehensive ecosystem and directory of IT tech companies with Company Connecting costs nothing to register, manage company details or to carry out searches. PRESS RELEASE: Aberdeen Scotland, 25-AUGUST-2015 – Company Connecting Limited is pleased to announce the official launch of their website. The … Read more

Women in Technology – where did it all begin?

Picture of a Digital Equipment Cororation PDP11 accompanying the article Women in Technology

Starting out In the early 80s I started my career in IT as a trainee programmer working in a software bureau where the proportion of men and women were more or less equal. In fact, my second boss was female. In these early days we did everything. We wrote code, we managed what was then a … Read more

Your Website – Say What You Do

Over the past few months Company Connecting has reviewed over 8,000 companies registered in Scotland with an IT classification. This means that we have looked at several thousand websites. It is pretty amazing the difference in quality. I guess it depends on the purpose companies see their websites fulfilling. The best sites that we have … Read more

Finding Technology Companies

We founded Company Connecting (CC) in October 2014 because we wanted to help IT tech companies talk with one another and to provide a showcase for these companies. We started to gather information about tech companies, which we broke down into various categories and attributes. We then assigned attributes against companies to create a granular … Read more