How to save yourself from the Zombies? Startup Series

Zombie used to depict zombie customers impact on a startup

Company Connecting Startup Series – Part 6 – Watch out for Zombies! My startup articles are not published according to a direct time line. I will cover the full journey, but having recently completed the Pathfinder Accelerator run by Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE) it seemed timely to write about my experience. There is a … Read more

Scotland 2020 -2021 Tech and IT Companies: Part One || Company Connecting

Infographic of Scottish Technology Companies

Infographic of Scottish Technology companies This is the first in the Company Connecting 2020-2021 series of infographics. We have updated all of our data on Scottish Technology companies to include the Scottish companies registered in 2019. We have over 5,000 companies on the database of which 2,554 are based in Scotland. We also have details … Read more

Healthcare Tech 2019-2020 Infographic || Company Connecting

Image of Stethoscope

Healthcare Technology Companies Continuing on with our 2019-2020 series we look  at the Healthcare sector in Scotland. We recently did several infographics covering Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Scotland tech which you can view here. Technology Companies Database This week We provide insights into 180 Scottish IT companies that work and provide services in the Healthcare sector in … Read more

Finance Tech 2019-2020 Infographic

City representing Finance Tech companies

Finance Technology Companies Infographic by Company Connecting Continuing our 2019-2020 series we take a look at the Finance Tech sector in Scotland.We provide insights into 219 Scottish IT companies that work and provide services to the Finance sector in Scotland. 65% of  the companies are based in Glasgow and Edinburgh.  We recently updated all of our data on … Read more