Is the Future Remote Working?

Image of hands and laptop representing Remote Working

We look back at what we thought about remote working before Covid The article below was written a few months before Covid hit and changed the way we all lived and worked. At that time we were looking at the opportunities Technology presented for remote working and the ‘Gig’ economy. It is dated – and … Read more

Infographic of Scottish Technology Companies February 2023

Map of Scotland accompanythign the article Scottish Technology COmpanies 2023

Infographic of 2,688 active and 862 dissolved Scottish Technology Companies We have added all the Scottish companies registered up to December 2021. We will start to take a look at the 2022 companies shortly . There are 2,688 active Scottish technology companies with a website and a further 862 companies that have been dissolved in … Read more

How to save yourself from the Zombies? Startup Series

Zombie used to depict zombie customers impact on a startup

Company Connecting Startup Series – Part 6 – Watch out for Zombies! My startup articles are not published according to a direct time line. I will cover the full journey, but having recently completed the Pathfinder Accelerator run by Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE) it seemed timely to write about my experience. There is a … Read more

Scotland 2020 -2021 Tech and IT Companies: Part One || Company Connecting

Infographic of Scottish Technology Companies

Infographic of Scottish Technology companies This is the first in the Company Connecting 2020-2021 series of infographics. We have updated all of our data on Scottish Technology companies to include the Scottish companies registered in 2019. We have over 5,000 companies on the database of which 2,554 are based in Scotland. We also have details … Read more