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IT Companies: Let's Be Disruptive

The ‘Let’s Be Disruptive’ series considers a central issue within IT in order to offset the negative effects of disruption within the IT industry.

Tracking Asthma Patients Activity with Smart Peak Flow

Smart Peak Flow's mission is to help patients stay on top of their asthma by giving an accurate measure of their lung function.

The Future of Fitness: An Interview with SimplFit

SimplFit are an American fitness marketplace company who place the concerning American physical health statistics stated above at the heart of what they do.

The Future of Eye Exams: An Interview with Opternative

Opternative allows users to quickly and conveniently get prescriptions for glasses and contacts through it’s hugely flexible online eye exam.

Revolutionising Healthcare: An Interview with Cupris

Cupris’s mission is to improve healthcare access globally by enhancing communication in healthcare.

Company Connecting Space

Company Connecting specializes in IT and tech but everybody knows that tech is not just digital. Working with some of our clients means we are exploring tech in the context of space and hence that bringing us into contact with some new brilliant and inspiring people and companies. Our unique...

Graduate series: An interview with James Holland

Company Connecting’s latest instalment of the Graduate Series is now live. This interview is slightly different however, as we interview our own outgoing intern James Holland. James has been working with Company Connecting over the past three months as part of a Santander and University of...

Graduate Series: An Interview with David Starkey

Continuing with Company Connecting's ongoing Graduate Series, we sat down with David Starkey, a 24 year old PhD candidate at the University of St Andrews. David studies Physics and is part of a study which searches for active galaxies. David is involved in the statistical side of astronomy,...

Medical Emergencies: On the Frontline of Digital Health with MIME Technologies.

Company Connecting continues it's spotlight on Digital Health with an interview with Dr. Alasdair Mort. MIME Technologies was established towards the end of Alasdair's  PhD studies at The University of Aberdeen's Centre for Rural Health in Inverness. MIME's aim is to develop next generation...

Into the Tropical World of Paradise Palms: An Interview with Trystan O'Brien

Paradise Palms is a bar and music venue located in Edinburgh that specialise in Scottish sourced spirits, beers and cocktails which compliment an exceptional Scottish vegetarian soul food menu. Palms' emphasis on Scottish sourced produce is just one facet of their emphasis on community, they...