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The Future of Identity with BioConnect

How do we develop a means of validating the identities of individuals? BioConnect is a Canadian company who envisage the future of identity within Biometrics.

An Interview with Swiss Fintech Firm Securion Pay

Interview with Lucas D.Jankowiak of Securion Pay. This innovative Swiss financial technology start up is a cross-device platform with simplified payment flow.

An Interview with Seismic, the Sales Enablement Platform

FinTech across the pond in the USA: Seismic is the leading end-to-end sales enablement solution for institutional financial services firms worldwide.

Better Banking Decisions with Starling Bank

Anne Boden started Starling Bank after witnessing the financial crash and realising the banking world was out of sync with modern customer demands.

Why do Start-Ups go Bust?

Pearl Onion specialise in training and consultancy for business and aim to bridge gaps between key business knowledge and practical business implementation.

Banking in 2025 by Alex Nechoroskovas

FinTech influencer Alex Nech imagines banking in 2025: He sees secure and convenient banks complete with artificially intelligent personal finance advisors

The Day After by Spiros Margaris

Article with Spiros Margaris of Margaris Advisory and Werthstein AG, ranked highly as a Banking Influencer by many experts and a highly-respected individual.

The Future of Banking: An Interview with GoCardless

Interview with UK based GoCardless who are making waves with their re-imagining of the traditional bank-to-bank payments system.

Tech Collaboration and Legal Considerations

To shed some light on the legal aspect of company collaboration, we caught up with Pinsent Masons to find out some advice on navigating contracts.

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