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Company Connecting at Datafest 2017

DataFest is a two day summit hosted by DataLabs that attracts international experts in data.

Changing Customer Relations with AI: An Interview with Re:Infer

Next up we have an interview with Re:Infer, a London based company changing the way customer feedback is sourced and actioned by using artificial intelligence.

What is the best metric for measuring success on Facebook and Twitter?

Our next article from Echobox focuses on the metrics for measuring success on Facebook and Twitter.

Artificial Intelligence and Related Skills Infographic

Using Company Connecting data to create an infographic of AI companies in the UK

Contextualising Code with Step Size

An interview with UK-based AI company Stepsize, who help put software developer’s code into context: in turn helping develop better software faster.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning is integral to AI, training it to improve at the tasks it's been assigned. To explain more, we bring you a video by Oxford Sparks all about ML.

When’s the best time to share on Facebook?

Social media insights from social media & publishing experts, Echobox. They and their AI ‘Larry’ work with publishers and marketing teams.

Benevolent AI: Shaping the Future of Scientific Discovery

Benevolent AI are a London based company who use artificial intelligence to understand and reimagine scientific discovery.

Scottish IT Companies Servicing the IT Industry

With this infographic, we've gone one step further with our follow up infographic focusing on IT companies servicing other IT companies

Scottish IT Companies: The 2017 Infographic Series

Company Connecting spent a  time researching, curating and tagging the 2,400 Scottish IT Companies in it’s directory, and it is Scottish companies which are the focus of this latest infographic.