Where have all the women in technology gone?

When I first started as a trainee programmer in 1979, I was a bit of an oddity because I worked in the mysterious world of ‘computing’. I don’t think we used expressions like, ‘technology’, ‘information services’, ‘telecoms’ – it was just all ‘computing’. At that time, there was a even split between men and women and we were all pretty young. My first boss was only 26, and we were finding our way in a world where we had to code on massive machines with only 1 meg of memory. It was pretty exciting times, and a lot of the time we were flying by the seat of our pants.

I am a member of several tech groups on facebook – some of them are excellent. One of the groups is Tech Ladies – and there is loads of interesting stuff from all over the world. There is a recurring theme – where are all the women? I struck up a dialogue with a young Danish developer who has come up against male colleagues that believe women can only do the pretty stuff! I thought Denmark, as a Scandanavian company would be very open to equal opportunities for all and have a lack of bias – but clearly not. In her team, out of 53 developers only two are female!

I have written articles on women in technology and at Company Connecting we feature both men and women in our articles. I am curious to hear from others.

Why was there a much higher percentage of women in ‘computing’ in the early days?

What stops women entering into IT?

Does this differ from nation to nation?

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