What do you want to know about IT Companies?

We are working on a new set of infographics based on the information we have researched on 4,000 IT companies on our database. Previously we have published information mainly related to Scotland. However over the past few months we have been adding IT companies form elsewhere in the UK. At the same time, IT companies register with us from all parts of the world. Next week we will be publishing the first of our new set of infographics as well as a map of where our IT companies are in the UK. We currently have information on 2427 IT companies in Scotland, 1,366 in the rest of the UK and about 200 from the rest of the world. This means that we can start to carry out comparisons between regions.

The main focus of our information outwith Scotland is Cambridgeshire (CB) post code and the North of England. We do have some hotspots else where e.g. Wales and Estonia.

We have information on sector, skills, business focus, age, size along with a number of other categories. We are interested in finding out what information would you like to know about IT companies. We will push out some more information over the weekend on social media – it would be great to get input on what is of interest in the IT area. To get you started, there are links below to previous infographics and maps.

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